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‘Tis the season to be grateful…


Image courtesy of Sir Mervs on Flickr

It has been almost two months since I posted.  I have been busy with my kids, work, and basketball, but  I have let myself be a slacker and neglect my blog.   I hope that anyone that visited in the past can once again finds time to read my thoughts.  Sorry I was gone so long…

Christmas Eve and I am living at my father’s house.  One would think that the thoughts which run through my head today would be sad thoughts, I have actually been thinking of how many things I am grateful for.  Here are my thoughts…

“I am grateful for…”

1.  The love that my children bring to my life.

2.  Being able to watch my kids grow and learn.

3.  Cuddling with my children when they were small.

4.  The warmth that I feel when they smile.

5.  All the time that I have spent with them thus far.

6.  The hundreds of photos that I have taken over the years and the feelings they bring back.

7.  The look on my children’s faces when they are introduced to something new.

8.  Having been able to watch my kids on Christmas morning for 15 years.

9.  Watching them play sports.

10.  Hearing them play music.

11.  Parent teacher conferences, since the reports are always positive.

12.  School parties with them.

13.  Field trips I have taken with them.

14.  Having always told my kids that I love them.

15.  Them loving me.

16.  The vacations that we have been able to take.

17.  That we have been able to provide them with things they want.

18.  No major health problems in our life.

19.  Having taken the time to coach my kids.

20.  All the kids and parents that I have met over the years.

21.  The way I feel when I think of my wife.

22.  The way she loved me for years.

23.  That we are still very good parents together.

24.  Actually loving my in-laws.

25.  The years that we were happy together.

26.  The lessons she has taught me.

27.  Her patience.  I have been a real dick!

28.  Her smile.

29.  Friends.

30.  Finally realizing that I am not in control, that there is a higher power.

31.  The chance to be a home owner.

32.  Being given a chance to become a better, more balanced person.

33.  Having been blessed with some intelligence.

34.  All the time I have had on this earth.

35.  Meditation.

36.  Being able to make friends easily.

37.  Having had my grandparents for a long time.

38.  My parents, and in-laws still being healthy.

39.  Having been given some athletic ability.

40.  The job that I have.  It is a great place to work.

41.  Having asked her the question.

42.  Hope.

43.  Second chances.

44.  Making love.

45.  Sunsets on the beach.

46.  The future.

47.  The few times I have danced with my wife.

48.  Food.

49. Christmas.

50.  Redemption.

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1 comment to ‘Tis the season to be grateful…

  • Ray W.

    Many people will say, “I have so much to be thankful for, I could go on for hours.” and then are in capable of saying more than a few things at all. It is awesome that you listed 50 here. I can tell by the way they are linked, that they came pretty easily for you to post. Keep counting your blessings. The more we count them, the more we will see what God has done for us. We start to see what harm God has kept us from. And we often see that being a blessing to others so often turns into a blessing for us. ttyl my friend.

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